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Submissions from agencies and brands (beta)

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We’re pleased to announce a streamlined way for agencies and brands to work with publications, enabling you to build powerful direct relationships with them. Agencies and brands can now send submissions and direct messages to editor accounts.

Why Agencies and Brands?

Agencies and brands are vital strategic partners for publishers. PR agencies represent celebrities, modeling agencies manage extensive rosters, and brands seek press for their products. They possess a deep understanding of leveraging press in their businesses.

Direct Messages from Agencies and Brands

Direct messages to individual publication editor accounts are now exclusive to agencies and brands. This policy prevents individual creatives from bypassing the submission flow and reaching out directly to editors, ensuring submissions go through the appropriate channels or to the magazine's main account.

This means if you receive a message in your editor account, it's from an agency or brand. It's crucial to address these messages promptly to capitalize on these business opportunities.

Your account specialty/title must be set to "Publication Editor", "Editor", or "Editor-in-chief"... to utilize these messages. Accounts with specialties/titles like "Photographer" will not be eligible.

Submissions from Agencies and Brands

Agencies and brands can now submit to publishers from their organization pages. To highlight these significant submissions, we've added an “Important” section at the top of your submission inbox. Once an agency/brand submission is opened, it moves out of the "Important" section and remains in the regular list below.

Filter these submissions by selecting “Agencies + Brands” in the left sidebar.

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