How to Add Team Members to Your Publisher Account

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Premium and Elite publications have the option to add team members to their account. Fill out your publisher team section with real photos, names, and titles. This makes prospective contributors and advertisers feel more comfortable working with your publication and increases trust. Make sure you and your team: 

  • Upload your own headshots 
  • Use full legal names 
  • Set locations to the actual city each member resides in
  1. Click Edit Profile
  2. Click Team
  1. Type team members name under Add New Team Member
  2. Click on their name
    1. Note: If your team member has recently added an account, it may not appear in the list. A team member can only be added after their profile has been reviewed and approved by Kavyar staff.
  3. Click Edit next to their name
  1. Enter team members Title
  2. Choose their Display Position (optional)
  3. Choose if their profile will be shown publicly on the publication page
  4. Choose if they will get email notifications
  5. Click Save
  1. If their profile is set to be shown publicly, you will see it on the main publication page

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