Connecting a Domain to your Kavyar Site

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To use a domain you registered outside Kavyar, you will need to make changes to your domain's DNS settings. Doing this is a somewhat technical process. Each domain registrar has a different interface for handling this. Below you will find instructions for several popular registrars. Please contact Kavyar support if you need additional assistance.

If you don't see your registrar listed here, see the Generic Instructions section below.

Generic Instructions

You will need to create two DNS records: an A record and a CNAME record.

You can usually find DNS Settings somewhere in your registrar's dashboard. You may need to go to "advanced" settings to add your own A and CNAME records.

  1. Remove any existing A record, if any, that points to @ (root)
  2. Remove any existing CNAME record, if any, that points to www
  3. Add new A record
    1. Host: @
    2. Points to:
  4. Add new CNAME record
    1. Host: www
    2. Points to:
Notify Kavyar Support

Tell the Kavyar support team that you finished adding all of the required records.

They will complete the setup for your domain and confirm that your new Kavyar site is live. Congratulations!

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Connecting a GoDaddy Domain to Your Kavyar Site