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IV. How to get more exposure

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Once you have your publisher page and calls set for success, it’s time to focus on promoting your brand to the community and attracting quality contributors and advertisers. 

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Free methods for increasing exposure

Paid methods for increasing exposure

Free methods for increasing exposure

Accept submissions “Only on Kavyar” to get priority ranking

Accepting submissions exclusively via Kavyar gets you priority ranking over publishers in your same tier, which can help get you top-level exposure.


➡️ How to apply for "Only on Kavyar"

Select 2 or fewer genres on a call for work to get priority ranking

Selecting 2 or fewer genres on a call for work will automatically place you in a special section titled “Specializing in…”  at the top of the Get Published genre pages (example: Fashion). In addition, you will get priority ranking within the genre categories on the main Get Published page. Even if you have an Elite account, your calls will show below lower-tier accounts that are more specific in their genres. Being specific is heavily rewarded on Kavyar’s platform. 

  • Select 2 genres to promote a call to the top "specializing in..." section
  • Select 1 genre to get priority ranking in the "specializing in..." section


➡️ Setting genres on a call for work

Provide complimentary 48-hour reviews for Kavyar PRO members to get in a promoted section

Providing free 48-hour reviews for Kavyar PRO members gets you into a special promoted section on the Get Published page. 


➡️ 48-Hour Response for PRO Members

The Popular Publishers section is a special, prominent section on the Get Published page. It rewards publishers who refer talented creatives to Kavyar. When referring creatives, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. If you refer creatives that the Kavyar review team does not approve, it will negatively impact your influence score.


➡️ More information about Popular publishers

Grow your Instagram engagement to increase your ranking and social score

Publisher social scores are based on engagement rather than the number of followers they have.

Engagement is calculated based on the number of likes per post in relation to the total number of followers on the account. In essence, follower interaction on a publisher's social media posts is what determines their social score and influences their rankings on the Get Published page.

Making comment and love counts and other Instagram information private can result in an inaccurate social score, which will have a negative impact on your Kavyar publisher ranking and social score.

If you have recently updated your Instagram counts from private to public, please allow 3 weeks for the social score to be updated. If it has been more than three weeks and your score has not updated on Kavyar, please contact Kavyar support for further assistance.


➡️ See publishers ranked by social score

Add PRO discounts on paid options to be included in the PRO section

Providing discounts for PRO community members on your submission options adds each applicable call to the PRO section on the Get Published page. 


➡️ Adding PRO Discounts

On the Find People page, there is a prominent section for trending publishers. These are publishers that have uploaded published work to their publisher page. When a publisher’s work trends, so does their publisher page.

  • Upload 3-10 impressive photos each week
  • Images should be free of graphics or text of any kind
  • Avoid watermarking. Kavyar dynamically watermarks images with your logo
  • Credit everyone who contributed to the photo’s creation. This will increase exposure.
Note: Uncredited work may be hidden from our global feeds.


➡️ Adding work to your publisher page

Be an active member of the Kavyar community

Being an active member is one of the best and easiest ways to build a loyal following and draw traffic to your pages. Browse the Inspiration and Find People pages. As you see work you admire, like and comment on it. Follow members and let them know how you feel about their work. It means a great deal coming from an editor! Build connections and relationships that grow your publisher's community.

  • Scan Inspiration's Trending feed daily and love/comment on work
  • Don’t spam the same comment on multiple photos or post tacky comments, such as soliciting for submissions (see next section for tips on asking for contributions from members)
  • Browse the Find People page to find creatives you like and follow them
  • Keep track of those you follow by viewing the Inspiration Following feed

Reach out to creatives you admire and invite them to contribute (both on and off-platform)

When you see work that you admire and that you think fits your publication’s aesthetic, reach out and invite them to contribute.

  • Increase effectiveness by first forming a track record of following and commenting on their work
  • Keep contribution invitations private and professional by sending them via messaging instead of publicly in the comments. Comments are for discussions about an individual work or a general appreciation of one’s work
  • Invitations should be genuine and specific
  • NO SPAM. Spamming members off-platform may negatively impact your influence score and spamming members on-platform may result in removal from Kavyar
  • If you don’t require exclusivity, you can also offer to publish already-public work
  • If you invite a member to submit and you really admire them, you shouldn’t be charging them. It’s considered bad etiquette.

Example Contribution Invitation

​Hi Natalia,

The way you are able to capture the female form in such an artistic way is amazing. I especially love your use of dried flowers which incorporates such a vintage feel. ​ ​ ​

I’m the editor of Fashion Magazine. We have an upcoming issue (releasing November 3, 2022) that I think your work would be perfect for. ​

We do not require the images to be exclusive to the magazine. If you would like to submit the vintage flower shoot, I would absolutely publish it. ​

If you have a new shoot, I’d love to see it. You can contribute to this upcoming issue here:

Let me know if you have any questions.​ ​

- Jane Doe, Editor of Fashion Magazine

Upload new publication covers as you release issues

When you upload a publication cover and credit the team, the cover will begin to circulate through Kavyar’s feeds. As members love it, your publication will start trending and the cover itself will display in the Publishers by Cover section on the Get Published page.

  • Select recent covers you are most proud of
  • Credit everyone who contributed to maximize exposure
  • Even if you don’t produce a traditional print issue, you can still generate digital covers
  • Be sure to add them to your featured covers section after uploading


➡️ How to Add and Remove Featured Covers

Prospective contributors and advertisers who visit your social media accounts and website will look for information on how to submit. Many publishers fail to make this information easy to find, resulting in fewer submissions, fewer followers, and reduced exposure in Kavyar.

Reach out to your personal network

Most people are hesitant to ask friends and collaborators for support. We grow our personal networks for a reason. It’s important to utilize them. Many of our fastest-growing publishers jump-started their growth by doing this.

Get repeat submitters

Many publishers form relationships with contributors resulting in multiple submissions over time from the same contributors. Building and cultivating these relationships can result in a stream of long-term, high-quality work. Make sure to always treat contributors with respect and keep track of submitters that you enjoy collaborating with.

  • Personally reach out to contributors letting them know how much you appreciate their work
  • Offer talented contributors perks like covers and features
  • Publish on time. Contributors want consistency and reliability for their team and clients
  • If you do not accept work from a contributor, make sure to tell them that you would still like them to submit again in the future if you feel that their work may be a fit for other issues

Avoid complaints, disputes, and policy violations

After a significant amount of complaints, negative dispute rulings, or policy violations, Kavyar may remove you from promoted categories, email newsletters, and social media, which will greatly affect your exposure on the platform. Focusing on providing a great experience for your contributors and advertisers is important. 

  • Read our platform policies for publishers 
  • Remember tearsheets must always be provided to accepted contributors for printed issues
  • Never hesitate to reach out to Kavyar support to ask a question or alert us to an issue. We are here to help!

Upgrade your publisher account to Premium or Elite 

Upgrading your account gives you a number of tools that help you grow your publication. Premium and Elite accounts get higher site rankings for their publisher pages as well as a number of other features and benefits. With over 750+ Kavyar publishers, upgrading your account helps you stand out.


➡️ Upgrade your account

Compare plans





Team members




Promoted calls for work




Out-of-network messages




Private calls




Site Ranking


Priority Listing

Top Priority Listing

Tear Sheet Upload*




Analytics Dashboard




Customer Support



Top Priority

*All publishers are required to provide tear sheets for submissions

Feature definitions

Promoted calls for work are calls that show on the Get Published page and in search results. More promoted calls for work allow you to get more of your calls shown throughout the network. 

Team members are individual creative accounts that can manage your publisher account and submissions. Having more team members allows you to have more people help respond to messages, review submissions, and manage your publisher page. 

Out-of-network messages are messages sent to creatives that you are not connected to. Connections include collaborations and mutual follows. Having more out-of-network messages allows you to send more messages to prospective contributors. 

Private calls are calls for work that are only accessible via a link. They are not publicly shown on Kavyar’s platform. Having private calls allows to you to offer additional submission options to select submitters at your discretion.

Site ranking is the ordering of calls and publishers on the Get Published page and in search results. Having a higher ranking allows you to get much more visibility. 

Tear Sheet Delivery is a feature that allows you to upload tear sheets on the submission and either send immediately or on a future date. The Tear Sheet Delivery feature makes it easier for you to make your contributors happy and ultimately build your community. 

Analytics Dashboard is a feature that allows you to see your submissions and revenue at a glance. It helps you quickly measure success.

Customer support does its best to get back to every customer quickly; however during peak times and during holidays there can be delays. Priority customer support jumps you to the front of the line so you can get critical responses quickly.

Subscribing to a paid publisher account only guarantees exposure, not clicks or revenue. If you are interested in growing your publication, subscribing to a paid publisher account is a great idea. It’s important to keep in mind that while paid publisher accounts come with increased exposure, converting prospective contributors is the publisher’s responsibility. 

Purchase advertising

Purchase a sponsored listing

Buying a sponsored listing boosts a selected call for work. Placement includes the top of the Get Published page, interspersed through calls, in rejection messages, and more. 


➡️ Sponsored Calls for Work

Purchase a sponsored newsletter spot

Kavyar sends a newsletter to its most active users once a week with featured calls for work. Sponsored calls show at the top and bottom of the newsletter.


➡️ Contact us for information on sponsoring newsletters

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