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How to Edit Your Bio Link

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To edit your Bio Link page, navigate to your

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. Click on Website + Bio Link
  3. Scroll to Bio Link section and click Edit Links

  1. Click Add New Link in the bio link editing panel
  2. Type in the URL of the link
  3. Click Add

Click on the drag icon to move links to the desired locations.

To edit a link, just click on it. You can edit the Title, URL, Description, an an Emoji Icon. To add an Emoji icon just copy and paste it into the text field.

You can turn links on or off by clicking on the on/off switch to the right of a link.

  1. Click on the link you would like to delete
  2. Click the trash can button on the top-right
  3. Click Delete Link button to confirm delete

If your website is activated, your bio link theme will mirror your website's theme.

If your website is deactivated, you can modify your bio link theme separately.

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