How do I cancel a submission?

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Unpublished submissions can be canceled from your submission dashboard.

Paid submissions are typically non-refundable when the submission is canceled by the submitter. If the paid option included guaranteed publishing or if you feel that a refund is due, please contact the publisher directly on the submission to request a refund.
  1. Click on the "Submission Dashboard" Icon from the upper right corner of your profile:
  2. Find and select the submission you would like to cancel from the drop-down list or by using search. You can also click on "See All" to open your submission dashboard to show all of your past submissions.
  3. Once the submission is selected, the submission details will be shown. From the messaging pane, click on the ellipsis to show the submission menu.
  4. Click "Request Cancel" and enter the reason for your cancellation request. Click "Submit."
If your submission has not yet been reviewed by the publisher, the submission will be canceled immediately and your images will be released for further submissions.
If your submission has already been accepted by the publisher, this will send a message to the publisher with your cancellation request. Please allow up to 5 business days for the publisher to review and respond to your request. Cancellation requests sent too close to the expected publication date may not be able to be honored.

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