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Notable Profiles

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Kavyar’s notable badge informs members that a profile is genuine and of public interest within the creative industry. To receive the notable badge, your profile must be genuine, noteworthy, complete, and active.

Notable badges are visual markers that appear next to a Kavyar profile name in search and on the profile page. The notable badge signifies that Kavyar has verified that the profile represents a real public figure, celebrity, creative professional, or brand.

A notable badge does not signify importance, expertise, or trustworthiness. Nor is it an endorsement of any kind.

Once marked as notable, you are not allowed to change your name or transfer verification to another person. Profiles that are found to be impersonating a notable figure, brand, or other entity are strictly prohibited.


The notable badge will always have the same structure but may have different colors for page aesthetics. Here are some examples of how the badge may look:

How do I get the notable badge on my profile?

The notable badge is only given out by periodic internal review, and there is no application process. If our team determines a profile or publication is eligible for the Notable badge based on the requirements outlined below, they will be contacted directly by our team. 

What are the requirements for a notable badge on Kavyar?

We consider a number of factors when determining if a Kavyar profile meets our notable criteria. In addition to following Kavyar's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, your profile must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for a notable badge. 

Individual profile requirements

  • Genuine: Be representative of an actual person, personal brand, or well-known stage name (alias).
  • Notable: Must represent a well-known person of public interest within the creative industry, brand, or other entity.
  • Complete: Must be complete, including name, current city, primary industry role, profile photo, bio, social links, and portfolio work. 
  • Active: Must have been active within the last 12 months. 

Organization profile requirements

Profiles representing organizations such as publishers, agencies, or brands may also qualify for notability. 

  • Genuine: Be representative of an actual, registered business, brand, or other entity.
  • Notable: Must represent a well-known, highly searched-for brand or other entity within the creative industry. 
  • Complete
    • All team member profiles must be complete, including name, current city, primary industry role, titles, profile photos, bios, social links, and portfolio work.
    • Your organization page must be complete, including logo, cover images, featured covers (for publishers), team profiles, contact information, social links, about, and public photos. 
  • Active: Must have been active within the last 12 months.

Additionally, organizations must: 

  • Have at least 1 representative complete an identity verification process.
  • Have a genuine social media following. Social media accounts will be subject to audits. 
  • Confirm their specified city of operations through one following methods: 
    • Organization owner or employed representative’s location provided in the identity verification process.
    • Registered business address in official documents
    • Distribution presence within the selected area


Non-eligible profiles

  • Individuals or groups associated with hateful activities including but not limited to violence, hate, cultural insensitivities, or similar themes. 
  • Individuals or groups with complaints from industry peers. 
  • Individuals or groups that have violated platform policies within the last 6 months.

Loss of notable status

Kavyar may remove the notable status of a profile at any time without notice. 

Notable status may be removed at Kavyar’s discretion if:

  • The profile becomes inactive or incomplete
  • Changes made to the profile are considered misleading or substantially change the public persona on the profile
  • Changes made to the profile result in failure to meet the current notable eligibility requirements 
  • Changes to the profile cause you to fall under any of the categories in the "Non-eligible profiles" section

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