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Glossary of Genres

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Genres are the main photography category for the photo, such as Fashion, Nature, or Wedding. Each photo can only have one main genre.

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AI visual art is a form of artistic expression that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate visual works that explore new creative frontiers and challenge our perceptions of what constitutes art.

Artistic Nude

Artistic nude photography is a genre that captures the unclothed human form with an emphasis on aesthetics, composition, and creative expression, conveying deeper artistic concepts or emotions while celebrating the beauty and shape of the body.


Beauty photography is a genre that captures images of people, often focusing on their facial features, skin, makeup, and hair, with the aim of showcasing their beauty, elegance, and sophistication through polished, refined, and aesthetically pleasing imagery.


Boudoir photography is an intimate genre that captures subjects in lingerie or partially clothed, often set in private settings, with the aim of celebrating sensuality, confidence, and self-expression through romantic, intimate, and empowering imagery.

City & Architecture

City and architecture photography is a genre that captures the built environment of urban landscapes, showcasing the architectural design, aesthetics, and character of cityscapes, buildings, and structures within metropolitan settings.


Documentary photography is a genre that uses images to chronicle and convey the realities of social, historical, or cultural events and conditions, often with a focus on telling compelling stories and raising awareness about important issues.


Family photography captures individuals in a family, which can include parents, their children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins as well as family-oriented life events such as graduations and newborns.


Fantasy photography is a genre that captures imaginary or fictional scenes and characters, often involving elements of magic, mythology, surrealism, and storytelling, with the aim of creating a sense of wonder, escapism, and creativity.


Fashion photography is a genre that captures and highlights clothing, accessories, and fashion-related items, emphasizing style, aesthetics, and creativity to showcase and promote fashion trends, designers, and brands.

Fine Art

Fine art photography is a genre that emphasizes the artistic qualities of photography, often using creative techniques, composition, and visual elements to create images that are intended to be exhibited or sold as works of art.


Fitness photography is a genre that captures images of athletes, fitness models, or people engaged in physical activity, often emphasizing their strength, endurance, athleticism, and dedication, with the aim of promoting health, fitness, and an active lifestyle.


Food photography is a genre that captures images of food, often emphasizing its texture, color, and presentation, with the aim of making the food look appetizing and enticing.


Glamour photography is a genre of photography in which the subjects are portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to nude. The term may be a euphemism for erotic photography. For glamour models, body shape and size are directly related to success.


Hair photography is a specialized genre that captures the artistic and aesthetic qualities of hairstyles, haircuts, and hair textures, often with an emphasis on showcasing the creativity and skill of hairstylists, hair models, and haircare products.


Men's photography is a genre that focuses on capturing images of men, often with an emphasis on masculine aesthetics, style, and identity.


Nature photography is a genre that captures images of the natural world, including landscapes, wildlife, and plants, often emphasizing the beauty, power, and fragility of nature.

Performing Arts

Performing arts photography is a genre that captures images of live performances, including dance, theater, music, and other stage arts, often emphasizing the energy, emotion, and drama of the performance through dynamic, creative, and skillful composition and lighting.


Portrait photography is a genre that captures images of individuals, typically focusing on their face and expression, personality, and mood, often conveying a sense of intimacy, connection, and identity.


Product photography is a genre that captures images of objects, products, or items with the primary focus being on showcasing their features, design, and functionality in a visually compelling and informative way.


Sports photography is a genre that captures athletes, sporting events, competitions, and sports-related portraits, emphasizing action, emotions, pivotal moments, and the unique identity of athletes.


Street photography is a genre that captures candid and unposed images of everyday life and culture in public spaces, often emphasizing the human element and the unique interactions between people and their urban environment.


Swimwear photography is a genre that captures images of models wearing swimsuits or beachwear, often emphasizing their physical features, fitness, and sex appeal, with the aim of promoting fashion or lifestyle brands.

Teen & Kids Fashion

Kid/teen fashion photography is a genre that captures the style and trends of children's and adolescents' clothing, accessories, and footwear, emphasizing youthful energy, creativity, and playfulness in marketing campaigns, editorial spreads, and lookbooks.


Transportation photography is a genre of photography that captures images of various modes of transportation, including cars, trains, airplanes, boats, and bicycles, with an emphasis on the design, details, or context of the vehicles in motion or at rest.


Travel photography is a genre that captures the essence of diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences encountered during journeys and explorations, often with the goal of documenting and sharing the beauty, uniqueness, and stories of the places and people visited.


Underwater photography is a genre that captures images of aquatic environments, marine life, and human subjects, often using specialized equipment and techniques to create stunning and otherworldly imagery, and is used not only to document the natural beauty of the underwater world but also to capture fashion, beauty, and lifestyle imagery with models and other human subjects.

Visual Art (non-photographic)

Visual non-photographic artwork refers to a broad range of art forms, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media, that use visual elements and materials to express ideas, emotions, and experiences, and convey meaning through aesthetic and symbolic forms.


Photography of events relating to weddings, including pre-wedding activities such as engagement. Wedding photography is a genre that captures images of the wedding ceremony, reception, and related events, often emphasizing the emotions, beauty, and joy of the occasion, with the aim of creating a lasting visual memory of the special time period.

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