How to Add a genre or theme to a call for work

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Selecting genres on a call for work will allow your calls to show in the selected genres in both the genre search (example: Wedding) and the genre catagories. Genres are essential for reaching your desired contributors and increasing your exposure.

To add a Genre or Theme for a call for work

  1. Navigate to the call for work you would like to edit
  2. Click on the Settings link in the right column under the cover image
  1. Scroll to the Genre & Theme section
  2. Select the relevant genre.
    1. Selecting 1 genre on a call for work will automatically place you in a special section titled “Specializing in…”  at the top of the Get Published genre pages. In addition, you will get priority ranking within the genre categories on the main Get Published page. Even if you have an Elite account, your calls will show below lower-tier accounts that are more specific in their genres. Being specific is heavily rewarded on Kavyar’s platform. 
  3. Select if the call for work is open or themed

Selecting 2 or fewer genres promotes your calls to a special section at the top of genre page called "Specializing in...". Being even more specific by only selecting 1 genre gives your call an extra boost in the ranking.

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