How to Upload Featured Published Work

Justin Kramer Updated by Justin Kramer

Uploading photos to your published work section will rotate them through our main global feeds and draw traffic to your publication. Kavyar uses these images in different ways throughout the system, so make sure that the images are free of text and graphics.

  1. Scroll down on the main publication page and click Add Photos
  2. Choose where you want to add your photos from
  3. Choose a file
  1. On the preview page you can add a caption (optional)
  2. Credit your team, it helps increase exposure to your publication. Any uncredited photos are subject to be removed from the platform.
  3. Add wardrobe credits (optional)
  4. Click Select More Photos to upload more files
  1. Click Post
  2. A submission review pop up will appear, click Continue
  3. Your upload photos will appear under published work

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