Creating Call for Work Options

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Review Speed

Time a submitter can expect to wait before their submission is reviewed. Priority Review indicates a faster response time as compared to the publisher’s standard response time.

Refund Policy

The refund policy tells us what do with submission fees if the submission is rejected. Select "Not refundable" when you are charging for the review. Choose "Refund if rejected" when the submitter will receive a refund if their submission is rejected.

Use “Refund if rejected” instead of offering guaranteed options.

Adding PRO+ Discounts

Publishers can add PRO+ discounts to their options to get referral credits and market their publication to PRO and Elite Kavyar members. See How to Add PRO+ Discounts for more information.

Number of Images

Maximum and minimum number of images allowed for this option relative to the default specified on the call for work. The custom setting will allow you to override the default number of images on the call for work for this specific option.

Included Services

Additional services to be included with the option. See the glossary for more details.

Advertising Option Type

Indicates your publication offers advertising and promotional opportunities to brands, artists and others. Payment plays a factor in the acceptance, promotion or placement of the submission (Advertorials, Brand Placement, Paid Placement).

Contribution Option Type

Acceptance is solely based on the editorial review process and payment plays no part in the acceptance, promotion or placement of the content.

Auto Detect Option Type

The option type (advertising or contribution) will be detected automatically based on the services offered.

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