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Creating Your Model Digitals: A Comprehensive Guide

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What Are Digitals?

Digitals, also known as polaroids in the modeling industry, are simple, clear photos that showcase your natural appearance. They are typically shot in natural light, with minimal makeup, simple clothing, and no heavy styling. The purpose of digitals is to present a truthful representation of your look to agencies, clients, and prospective collaborators.

Why Are Digitals Important?

Digitals are crucial because they allow agents and clients to see your natural look without distractions. They are often the first impression you make in the industry.

Use digitals to get your Kavyar profile approved

Digitals are a great way to get your modeling career started and can help you get your portfolio (Kavyar profile) approved and help you get access to a community of talented photographers to work with. To take full advantage of connecting with industry pros, you must be a full member of Kavyar. To become a full member you must have your Kavyar profile approved. If you're just starting out, your portfolio photos may not be at the required quality level. You may want to consider uploading your modeling digitals instead which will increase your chances of acceptance.

How to Create Effective Digitals

  • Lighting: Use natural light. Stand near a window or outside. Avoid harsh sunlight.
  • Background: Use a plain, neutral background. Avoid clutter that distracts from your appearance.
  • Attire: Wear simple, fitted clothing like a plain t-shirt and jeans. Avoid patterns and logos.
  • Makeup and Hair: Keep makeup minimal. Your hair should be natural and away from your face.
  • Posture and Expression: Maintain good posture. Have a few shots with a neutral expression and some with a slight smile.
  • Variety of Shots: Include a headshot, a full-body shot, and profile shots. Show a range of angles and expressions.

Example Images

  • Headshot: A close-up of your face, looking directly at the camera, with a neutral background.
  • Full Body Shot: A full-length photo, standing straight with hands by your side.
  • Profile Shots (2): Side views of both your left and right profiles.

Choose the proper attire

In modeling, your digitals should reflect the field you're aiming to work in. For example, if you're interested in swimwear, lingerie, fitness, or body-focused modeling, wearing a bikini in your digitals can provide a clear understanding of your physique, which is often a requirement in these industries. On the other hand, if you're pursuing fashion or commercial modeling, fitted clothing like a tank top and jeans might be more appropriate as they show your body's lines without being overly revealing. It's about choosing attire that aligns with your professional goals and the expectations of potential clients in your chosen niche.

What to avoid when creating Digitals

  • Over-styling: Digitals should present a natural look, so avoid heavy makeup, elaborate hairstyles, or statement jewelry that can distract from your natural appearance.
  • Busy Backgrounds: The focus should be on you, not the environment, so steer clear of cluttered or distracting backgrounds.
  • Poor Lighting: Avoid harsh shadows or overly bright spots. Natural light is best for showing true skin tone and features.
  • Inappropriate Clothing: Stick to simple, fitted attire like solid-colored tank tops and jeans. Avoid clothes that are too loose or baggy, which can obscure your body shape, or overly trendy items that may date your digitals.
  • Filters and Editing: Don't use filters or heavy retouching. Agencies want to see the real you.
  • Poses: Stay away from high-fashion or dramatic poses; keep it straightforward with hands by your side and good posture.
  • Facial Expressions: Don't smile too broadly or make faces. A neutral expression or a slight smile is standard.

Remember, the goal of digitals is to present a clear, accurate representation of your look and body type.

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