What are genres?

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Genres are categories of photography that share a similar style or contain similar subject matter.

šŸ‘‰ Tip: Adding accurate genres will get your work more exposure on Kavyar.

Exposure in photo feeds

If you tag your photo with Fashion, it will be added to the Fashion feed, which other members can view and follow. Anyone that follows that genre may see your work.

Genres are also used to determine the kind of work someone creates, which is used for search. For example, if you're a photographer and you tag your photos with the Fashion genre, you are be eligible to show up in search results for "fashion photographer".

Why you should stick to 1-3 genres

Genres work best when they are specific. If you add too many to a photo, Kavyar can't really tell what kind of work it is. People viewing your portfolio might get the wrong impression about what you specialize in.

Adding TOO MANY genres can be just as bad as adding NO genres.

Rules of thumb:

āœ… 1 genre: maximum exposure (favored by feed algorithms)

āœ”ļø 2-3 genres: normal exposure (no algorithm penalty)

āŒ 4+ genres: reduced exposure (penalized by feed algorithms)

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