What are genres and keywords?

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When adding photos, you can tag them with:

  • Genre - the main photography category for the photo, such as Fashion, Nature, or Wedding. Each photo can only have one main genre.
  • Keywords - additional secondary genres or other relevant keywords you'd like to add. You can add as many as you want.

AI auto-tagging

Kavyar will automatically assign genres and keywords to your photos using AI. Occasionally the AI won't get it right. In those cases, feel free to update them.

Genre vs keywords

Photos can be tagged with both a genre and with keywords. Kavyar's algorithms consider genre more important than keywords in most cases, but both can be be factor when it comes to feeds and searches.

If you want the most exposure, add a genre to all your photos.

How genre and keywords affect exposure

Photo feeds

When you add the Fashion genre to your photos, the photos will be added to the Fashion feed, which other members can view and follow. Anyone that follows that genre may see your work.

Adding a genre to your photos also makes you eligible for inclusion in member search results. For example, if you're a photographer and you tag your photos with the Fashion genre, you are be eligible to show up in search results for "fashion photographer".

Genre glossary

See a full list of genres and definitions

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