Publisher Page Overview

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Your Kavyar publisher page is where all the information about your publication is displayed, such as branding, active calls for work, featured covers, and more. Advertisers and contributors scan these pages to make split-second decisions as to whether or not they should work with your publication.

  • Cover Image: If you have a Premium or Elite account, you will have the option to display a cover image on your main publisher page. Make sure your cover image is a single image with no text or graphics and matches your desired aesthetic.
  • Logo: Your logo is an essential part of your brand. An amazing logo that looks great can help attract prospective contributors and advertisers. Your logo should have a transparent background and look good in all sizes.
  • Featured Covers: Covers are one of the most important pieces of your brand and a great way for prospective contributors and advertisers to evaluate your publication quickly. Covers are featured prominently throughout Kavyar’s platform. Not adding covers will reduce your exposure within Kavyar.
  • Calls for Work: Calls for work are how you display contribution and advertising opportunities that your publication is currently looking for.
  • About: Contact information, bio, links, and other information should be up-to-date and mistake-free. Misspellings, missing links, or other issues in your information are red flags to prospective contributors or advertisers.
  • Team: Fill out your publisher team section with real photos, names, and titles. This makes prospective contributors and advertisers feel more comfortable working with your publication and increases trust.
  • Published Work: Uploading photos to your published work section will rotate them through Kavyar’s global feeds and draw traffic to your publication. Kavyar uses these photos in different ways throughout the system, so make sure that they are free of text and graphics. 

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