Prohibited Content Policy

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This policy outlines the types of content that is deemed prohibited for the Kavyar platform. Our goal is to maintain a professional, respectful, and safe environment for all users.

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Definition of Prohibited Content

Prohibited content on Kavyar includes, but is not limited to:

  • Explicit or Sexualized Nudity: Nudity that is overtly sexual in nature or context.
  • Graphic Violence or Gore: Excessively graphic or violent content.
  • Hate Speech and Discriminatory Symbols: Content that promotes hate, discrimination, or harmful ideologies.
  • Illegal Activities: Any content depicting or promoting illegal activities.
  • Harassment and Bullying: Content that harasses, bullies, or threatens individuals or groups.
  • Invasion of Privacy: Content that shares personal information without consent.
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Content Moderation Actions

  • Automatic Screening: Our system will screen for prohibited content.
  • Community Reporting: Users are encouraged to report content that violates this policy.
  • Review Process: Reported or flagged content will be reviewed by our moderation team.

Enforcement Measures

  • Public to Private Transition: Content deemed prohibited will be moved from public view to private status.
  • Content Removal: In cases of severe violations, content may be deleted from our servers.
  • User Notification: Users may or may not be informed of any actions taken on their content.
  • Account Suspension and Removal Kavyar reserves the right to suspend or remove users from the platform for repeated or severe violations of this policy. This action is taken to maintain the professionalism and safety of our community.
  • Appeals Process Kavyar does not offer an appeals process for moderation decisions. These measures are taken to ensure the professional integrity and safety of the platform for all users.

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