I have a question about my submission. Who should I contact?

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Contact the publisher using Kavyar's submission messaging feature when you have questions about:

  • Publication updates
  • Tearsheet requests and delivery timeframes
  • How to purchase your published issue
  • A problem with your published submission
  • Changes to your submission
  • All other publication-related questions and concerns

What is submission messaging and how do I use it?

All communication with the publisher must take place on the submission itself using Kavyar's submission messaging tool.
Communication outside the Kavyar platform via email or social media messaging is a violation of Kavyar's policies and will void Submitter protection for that submission.

Contact Kavyar when:

  • You are having technical difficulties or you need help using the Kavyar submission platform to complete your submission.
  • You need help with a submission and the publisher has not responded to your attempt to contact them on the submission within 5 business days.

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