Getting Published

I have a question about my submission. Who should I contact?

Contact the publisher using Kavyar's submission messaging feature when you have questions about: Publication updates. Tearsheet requests and delivery timeframes. How to purchase your published issue.…

Kaesy Sanders
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How do I submit my work to publishers?

How to Submit Using Kavyar.. Need Help with Crediting? How to Credit Collaborators

Kaesy Sanders
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What Are Contribution and Advertising Options?

Contribution. These are options in which payment does NOT factor into the acceptance, promotion, or placement of the submission. The content is accepted solely based on the editorial review process.…

Josh Romphf
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What Are Submission Upsells?

Publishers will sometimes send special offers on individual submissions via Kavyar’s messaging tool. A common example is ad placement such as a cover offer. These special offers typically require a f…

Justin Kramer
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What Is Kavyar Submitter Protection?

You're Covered. When you submit with Kavyar, there are policies in place to protect you. We provide responsive support, dispute resolution, and photo protection for everyone that uses our submission…

Josh Romphf
Updated 3 months ago by Josh Romphf