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III. Make your calls for work stand out

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Calls for work are how you display contribution and advertising opportunities that your publication is currently looking for.

With over 1,000 active calls for work on Kavyar, structuring your calls properly can be the difference between getting a handful of submissions versus hundreds of submissions. 


➡️ How to Add a Call For Work

➡️ Overview of calls for work

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Use a single-photo cover image without graphics

Remember that publication covers display in a number of different sizes on the Get Published page. Using a single photo and keeping it simple will help you stand out and make your branding more visible. 

  • Use a single image rather than a collage
  • Avoid text and graphics
  • Make the image match your desired aesthetic
  • Review the cover image on the Get Published page to see if it stands out
  • Update your cover image every 30 days to prevent staleness
  • Avoid complex images that compete with your logo
  • Avoid using magazine covers. They add visual noise and are already prominently featured on your pages
  • Avoid nudity or overly-explicit photos


➡️ How to Add a Cover Image

Keep titles short and simple

Shorter titles convert better than longer titles. Pay attention to information that is already displayed near your call for work and do not repeat it in the title. For example, the title of your publication, medium, and genres are displayed on your call for work listings. Adding this information is unnecessary and will lower conversion.

  • Keep it short
  • Avoid repetitive information
  • Avoid messy characters and emojis. Simple attracts more attention.
  • Keep it targeted toward your audience

Limit the number of calls for work and submission options you offer

Having too many calls or options can cause friction and reduce the number of submissions you receive. Each call and each option in your calls should be clear and distinct. Focus on your most important calls and limit your options.

  • Consolidate to 1 open call for each primary medium (print, web and social). If you need more, try not to create more than 5 open calls
  • Limit the total number of submission options on each call to 5. Creating 2 tiers for contributors and 3 for advertisers typically works well
  • Use private calls for work to hide specialized options not intended for mass consumption (Premium and Elite feature)


➡️ Creating submission options

➡️ Creating private calls for work

Be specific when selecting a genre

Selecting 1 genre on a call for work will automatically place you in a special section titled “Specializing in…”  at the top of the Get Published genre pages (example: Fashion). In addition, you will get priority ranking within the genre categories on the main Get Published page. Even if you have an Elite account, your calls will show below lower-tier accounts that are more specific in their genres. Being specific is heavily rewarded on Kavyar’s platform. 

Utilize stars to promote your most important calls for work

Remember that not all of your calls appear on the Get Published page at the same time. If you have several open calls, you should star the most important ones. Starring calls tells Kavyar to circulate those calls through our feeds and ignore the unstarred calls. You can star calls in your publisher dashboard. 


➡️ Starring calls for work

Take time to fill out your response templates

Response templates are canned messages to automatically send to submitters in the event of an acceptance, rejection, cancellation, or just when a submission is received. Fill these in thoughtfully to provide a more personal touch. 


➡️ How to Add Guidelines and Response Templates

Add a mood board to your guidelines

Adding a mood board is a great way to show the type of work you’re looking for. You can add a mood board via Pinterest or by adding a link to a graphic you created and uploaded to the internet. 


➡️ Adding a mood board

Create clear and compelling submission options

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are options we recommend:

  • A standard, free option that anyone can submit to
  • A priority 48-hour review option for $5.99 that includes a free option for Pro members
  • An advertising option for major brands and those who wish to advertise in your publication 
  • Limit the total number of submission options to 5 or fewer. Having 2 contribution options and 3 advertising options is common.


➡️ Adding submission options

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