How to Add Rights and Exclusivity

Justin Kramer Updated by Justin Kramer

  1. Choose Yes or No if exclusivity is required
    1. Many magazines are moving away from requiring exclusivity as it allows for many more submissions
  2. Choose Yes or No if editing will be locked upon submission approval
    1. This means the submitter cannot make changes after accepting. The implication of this if you want to allow submitters to update after submitting you will need to unlock the submission manually.
  3. Choose the copyright policy
  1. Choose how many days you will hold exclusivity after the close date
    1.  This only applies for Exclusive submissions and only after the submission has been accepted. This means that only your magazine should be able to post or share the images after accepting.
  2. Choose how many days after the close date to Auto-reject submissions
    1. Auto-reject is only available for free submissions. All paid submissions MUST be manually accepted or rejected. Paid submissions that are not accepted or rejected in the review timeframe specified are subject to refund.

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