Adding Submission Options

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Create clear and compelling submission options. Limit the total number of submission options to 5 or fewer. Having 2 contribution options and 3 advertising options is common.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are options we recommend:

Recommendation 1: Standard Free Option

A standard, free option that anyone can submit.

  1. Click Settings on your call for work page
  1. Scroll to Options
  2. Click Standard Submission
  1. Add a Title and Description (optional)
  1. Keep the price at $0.00 (free)
  2. Add the maximum and minimum number of images allowed for this option relative to the default specified on the call for work. The custom setting will allow you to override the default number of images on the call for work for this specific option.
  1. Add Estimated Page Count (optional)
  2. Add Services that are included with the submission upon approval
  3. Click Save

Recommendation 2: Priority 48-Hour Review

A priority 48-hour review option for $5.99 that includes a free option for Pro members

  1. Click Priority Review under Options
  1. Add a Title and Description (optional)
  2. Set price to $5.99
  1. Add Pro Discount as a free option for Pro members
  1. Set Review Speed to 48 hours
  2. Choose the Refund Policy if the submission is rejected
  1. Set number of images
  2. Add Services that are included with the submission upon approval
  1. Set Estimated Page Count (optional)
  2. Click Save
  1. Confirm your refund policy

Recommendation 3: Advertising

An advertising option for major brands and those who wish to advertise in your publication. Payment plays a factor in the acceptance, promotion or placement of the submission (Advertorials, Brand Placement, Paid Placement).

  1. Click Standard under Options
  2. Edit the information for the option. Including price, discounts, review speed, services included, etc.
  1. Under Option Type click Edit (next to Contribution)
  2. Choose Advertising
  3. Click Save

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