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Kavyar subscriptions renew automatically every month or year based on the subscription plan selected at the time of purchase.

You can cancel the subscription auto-renewal at any time by following the steps below. Once your subscription has been set to cancel, you will continue to have access to the upgraded services of your selected plan until the end of the current period.

First, determine your subscription type

Kavyar subscriptions can be purchased from Kavyar directly through our desktop or mobile websites, or they can be purchased through Apple AppStore using the Kavyar iOS Mobile App.

If you're not sure which subscription type you have, you can find out by visiting your Kavyar Billing Settings (login required).

Purchased through Kavyar:

Purchased through the Apple AppStore:

Canceling a subscription purchased through Kavyar

  1. Navigate to your Kavyar account using your browser window. If you are using a mobile device with the Kavyar mobile app installed, use the following link to prevent an automatic redirect to the mobile app: Open Kavyar in Browser.
  2. Click on your account (headshot) dropdown
  3. Click Settings on the account you would like to downgrade
  4. Click Billing
  5. Click Cancel under the current plan
  6. Select your cancelation reason and click Continue to Cancel
    (This helps us improve)
  7. Click No Thanks, Cancel PRO on the confirmation screen

Canceling a subscription purchased through Apple

Subscriptions purchased through the Apple AppStore must be canceled through the settings menu on your Apple device.

See Cancel My Apple Subscription for more information and detailed instructions.

Are you canceling a Brand, Agency, or Publisher Subscription?
See: Cancel my Business subscription

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