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Popular publishers are directly or indirectly responsible for drawing in the greatest number of quality Kavyar community members. These publishers have a great deal of popularity among talented industry creatives.

What is a Kavyar community member?

A community member is a user that has filled out their Kavyar profile and that has been approved by our review team. Only approved community members are allowed to fully interact with our network (for example, add comments or send messages)

In contrast, a limited member is a user that has not completed their profile and cannot fully interact with the community but is able to submit to publishers and browse some.

A user is automatically attributed to a publisher when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The user’s landing page is a publishers profile or a call for work page
  • The user’s referring website matches the website listed for the publication
  • The user clicks on the publisher's referral link (ex: www.kavyar.com/?r=your-mag-username )

How is a publisher ranked?

An algorithm is used to sort and display publishers in the “Popular Publisher” section. This algorithm takes into account the following factors:

  • Number of referrals that become approved community members (increases ranking)
  • Number of referrals that are rejected (decreases ranking)
  • Timeframe/recency (past several months)

These 3 main data points allow the algorithm to reward publishers who are more thoughtful in their approach to attracting community members rather than aggressively spamming prospective members regardless of talent level.

Example: A publisher who has 500 approved referrals but 500 rejected referrals within the same time period will actually rank lower than a publisher with 100 approved and 20 rejected.

The reason is that 1:1 (approved:rejected) or a similar ratio is typically only seen in publishers who actively spam users. This negatively impacts users' experience and Kavyar's reputation. Cold messaging prospective users is completely acceptable and very useful if done in a thoughtful manner.

Kavyar is determined to be more mindful of publishers who help grow our community and reward them for their efforts in a meaningful way.

How to improve your popularity score and ranking?

  1. Add links to your Kavyar Publisher Page: Ex. On your Instagram page, quick replies when asked “how to submit", on your bio-links, on your website (submit links and pages), Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest In emails and auto-responses to potential submitters
  2. Accept submissions exclusively from Kavyar: This drives 100% of your submission traffic to your Kavyar submission flow and increases the number of referrals you have. It also includes a complimentary upgrade boost on Kavyar platform.
  3. Reach out to potential collaborators off-platform whose work you admire: If you see a talented creative pro you can invite them to submit to your publication via Kavyar. Utilize your referral link: You can send a prospective member a link to any page on Kavyar and we can track the referral as long as you add “?r=your-mag-username” to the end of the link. (ex: www.kavyar.com/get-published?r=your-mag-username)
  4. Only refer contributors with good portfolios: If a prospective contributor reaches out to you off-platform, quickly review their portfolio before sending them to your Kavyar page. Remember, people you refer with lower quality portfolios negatively impact your popularity score.
Note: Publishers must also have a good reputation with contributors and not be in violation of Kavyar’s policies.

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