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How to Send Tear Sheets to Contributors

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As a publisher, there are two ways to send tear sheets to your contributors:

Video Overview of Tear Sheet Tool

The Tear Sheets tool is only available for accepted submissions

Kavyar offers a simple tool to help publishers share tear sheets with submitters. To add tear sheets to an accepted submission:

  1. Click on an accepted submission from the Publisher Dashboard
  2. From the submission detail view, click the + Tears button. You will then see the Add Tear Sheets form

Add tear sheets form
  1. To upload images locally from your computer, click Upload from Computer
  2. To add images from a Dropbox account, click Add from Dropbox
  3. Select the Immediately option to make the tear sheets instantly available to the submitter. To make the tear sheets available at a later date, select the On future date option and provide a date
  4. If you want to notify the submitter when their tear sheets are ready, check the Send message to submitter box. To customize the message, simply edit the Message to submitter field below the checkbox
  5. Click Send when ready. The tear sheets will be available to download or remove in the submission detail view of the publisher dashboard

Submitters can download their tear sheets from either the chat or detail sections of their accepted submission.

Alternate Method: Using a File Sharing Service

To share tear sheets uploaded to a file sharing service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc), post the link in a submission message. Submitters can then open the link from the submission chat:

Submission message

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