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On April 10th at 8:30pm Kavyar released an update to our genre list. This may affect a publisher's calls for work if they use one of 4 changed or retired genres:

  • Photojournalism — renamed to Documentary. No action required
  • Kids — renamed to Teen & Kids Fashion. No action required
  • Nude/Boudoir — split into two. Changes suggested (see below)
  • Commercial — removed. Changes suggested (see below)

Changes suggested

If you are using the following affected genres, we suggest you update your calls for work:

  • Nude/Boudoir: this genre was split into two: Artistic Nude and Boudoir. If you had the Nude/Boudoir genre selected, we have automatically added both Artistic Nude and Boudoir genres to your call for work. We suggest you review and consider removing one.
  • Commercial: this genre has been removed. Calls for work that had the Commercial genre selected were not updated with a new genre selection. We suggest that you review the new genre list and select a suitable replacement.

All genre changes

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