Overview of Calls for Work

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Calls for work are how you display contribution and advertising opportunities that your publication is currently looking for.

With over 1,000 active calls for work on Kavyar, structuring your calls properly can be the difference between getting a handful of submissions versus hundreds of submissions. 

  • Cover Image: Publication covers display in a number of different sizes on the Get Published page. Using a single photo and keeping it simple will help you stand out and make your branding more visible.
  • Title: Shorter titles convert better than longer titles. Pay attention to information that is already displayed near your call for work and do not repeat it in the title.
  • Medium and Genre: Be specific when selecting a genre. Selecting only one genre on a call for work will automatically place you in a special section titled “Specializing in…”  at the top of the Get Published genre pages.
  • Dates: This is where important dates are listed for the submission.
  • Image Requirements: Image size and format are listed here.
  • Guidelines: Adding guidelines to your call will make sure contributors know exactly what you are looking for. You can also add a mood board from Pinterest or by adding a link to a graphic you created and uploaded to the internet here.
  • Contribute: Create clear and compelling submission options. Limit the total number of submission options to 5 or fewer. Having 2 contribution options and 3 advertising options is common.

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