Exclusive photos and exclusivity periods

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Exclusive photos

Exclusive photos are photos that have not yet been publicly shared. An exclusive photo is a photo that has NOT yet been:

  • Posted publicly on social media, websites, magazines or any other publicly accessible location
  • Been accepted by a publisher on Kavyar's platform

Exclusivity periods

An exclusivity period is the time between when a publisher has accepted a set of photos and when they are able to be shared publicly.

When you can share the photos

Once your submission has been published and the exclusivity period has passed, you can publish the images to social media and make them public in your Kavyar account. Even after the exclusivity period has passed, due to the fact your photos have been published, it will no longer be considered exclusive.

Some publishers allow you to post publicly as soon as the submission is published even if the exclusivity date has not passed, but this does vary from publisher to publisher. It is always best to verify with the editor if you would like to post your images before the stated exclusivity period is over.

How to find exlusivity end date

  1. Navigate to the submission
  2. Find the Additional Info section in the submission details
    1. Desktop: Scroll to the bottom of the right panel
    2. Mobile: Click Detail tab > Scroll to the bottom
  3. You will find the date next to Exclusivity Ends

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