How to Close or Delete a Publisher Account

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There are two options for removing a Publisher account:

  • The account can be deleted, in which case the publisher account will be completely deactivated. Deleting removes all access to any past data related to the publisher account or submissions.
  • The account can be closed, in which case the publisher page will be removed from public access but will remain attached to your owner/rep account so you can continue to access past submissions and publisher account data.

The automated publisher account removal process will guide you through the different options for closing your publisher account, and will give you the option to remove your owner/rep account as well if desired.

A publisher account can only be removed by the owner. Non-owner reps cannot close or delete a publisher account.

  1. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and click Publisher Settings under the magazine you wish to close or delete.
  1. Click on the Profile settings tab and scroll down to the Security section and and click Delete Profile.
  2. Select the account to be closed or deleted, or select Delete All to delete all publisher profiles as well as your owner/rep profile.
  3. If you choose any option other than "Delete All," you will be offered the choice to close or delete the selected publisher account. Closing will keep the publisher account attached to your editor/rep profile for continued access, while deleting will remove the publisher profile completely.
  4. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the removal process.
Transactional data including submissions and payment transactions are retained in Kavyar's system as required for record keeping purposes.

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