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How to add or edit team credits on a photo

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Kavyar uses a dynamic crediting system that allows individuals to control their creative identities and create shared portfolios.

Adding team credits to photos is required.

Adding a team credit to a photo

  1. Start typing the full name of the person you want to credit in the credit field in the Team Credits section
  2. Click on their name in the list
    If the team member has been previously credited or has an account, they will display in a list as you type.
  3. If their name doesn't display, click to add a new credit
    If the team member has not been previously credited, you don't see their credit when you finish typing their full name, click the "+ add someone new" and then add their Contribution and Instagram username.

Editing a team credit

Editing a credit updates the named collaborator's Kavyar profile. Only use editing for updating the spelling of a name, contributions to the shoot, or to correct the IG.

If you need to change the credit to a different collaborator, remove the incorrect credit using the "X" and add the collaborator as new credit.
  1. Click on the edit icon to the right of the credit
  2. Make your desired edits
  3. Click save

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