How do message credits work?

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Every Kavyar member receives a monthly quota of message credits, which can be used to start conversations with out-of-network members.

  • Free / no credits needed:
    • All in-network messages (with collaborators or mutual follows)
    • Messages on existing conversations (regardless of who started it)
    • Messages to publishers
    • Messages to Kavyar staff
  • 1 credit required:
    • Sending first message to out-of-network member

What are in-network and out-of-network messages?

  • In-network messages are those sent between you and someone you're connected to. There are two types of in-network connections:
    • Collaborators - members credited on the same work as you
    • Mutual follows - members that you follow that also follow you back
  • Out-of-network messages are those sent between you and anyone you are not connected to via collaboration or mutual following. Starting a conversation with someone out-of-network requires using a message credit.

How many message credits do I get?

Members get a monthly quota of message credits based on their account level:

  • Basic - 3 credits / month
  • PRO - 10 credits / month
  • ELITE - 20 credits / month

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