Kavyar Community and Membership

How do message credits work?

Every Kavyar member receives a monthly quota of message credits, which can be used to start conversations with out-of-network members. Free / no credits needed: All in-network messages (with collabor…

Josh Romphf
Updated 1 month ago by Josh Romphf

Messaging Etiquette

Be professional. Kavyar is for creatives of all levels who are serious about conducting themselves in a professional manner. Absolutely NO spam. Spam is strictly prohibited and may result in de-platf…

Sean Morris
Updated 1 month ago by Sean Morris

My Portfolio Was Not Accepted. What Next?

You Can Still Use Kavyar. It’s important to note that you can still submit work to publishers and communicate with them. However, your ability to interact with the wider Kavyar community will remain…

Justin Kramer
Updated 5 months ago by Justin Kramer