Guidelines for AI-Generated Work

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This document outlines Kavyar's policy towards the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our platform. Kavyar welcomes AI-generated work under the guidelines outlined below. This policy ensures transparency and provides an optimal experience for all members.

AI-Generated Work is Welcome (with Conditions)

AI is pushing boundaries in the art world and we want Kavyar to be part of that evolution. However, we also understand that our members have varying preferences when it comes to AI content. Therefore, we've set up a few simple guidelines to ensure everyone can enjoy their experience on our platform.

  1. AI-Generated Content Must Be Clearly Marked: If you're sharing work that has been created or significantly influenced by AI, it must be tagged appropriately. This can be done in two ways:
    • Use the 'AI' genre
    • Use the 'AI' keyword
  2. Credits Must Be For Real People: Kavyar is a place for humans to connect and collaborate. Crediting fake people, or AI-generated models as people, is currently not allowed.
  3. Moderators May Mark Content as AI-Generated: If our moderation team comes across a piece of work they believe is AI-generated and it's not marked as such, they may apply the AI genre or keyword to it.
  4. Misrepresentation of AI Work: We value transparency and honesty in our community. Therefore, any attempt to pass off AI-generated work as human-created is subject to disciplinary action. The penalties can range from a simple warning to, in more severe cases, removal from the platform.

Circulation of AI-Generated Work

It's important to understand how these works are displayed and accessed in order to make the most of your Kavyar experience.

  1. AI Work on Your Profile: Any work that you've tagged with AI will appear as usual on your own profile. This means that visitors to your profile will be able to view these works alongside your other photos.
  2. Circulation on Non-AI Feeds: Kavyar is designed to provide a tailored experience for each member. As such, works tagged with AI may not circulate as widely throughout Kavyar, depending on the feed and the viewer. Some feeds may de-emphasize AI works, and some viewers may choose to exclude AI from their feeds.
  3. Following the AI Genre: If you're interested in AI-generated work and want to see more of it, you can choose to follow the AI genre. Once you've done this, AI-tagged work will be added to your 'For You' feed, allowing you to explore and enjoy the wide range of AI content available on Kavyar.
  4. Browsing the AI Genre Feed: If you'd like to see what's new and trending in the world of AI-generated work, you can browse the AI genre feed at any time. This feed features all the latest and most popular AI-generated pieces on Kavyar.

Why This Matters

We've introduced these guidelines not to restrict creativity, but to enhance the Kavyar experience for all our members. By clearly identifying AI-generated work, we can:

  • Give members the freedom to include or exclude AI content from their feeds
  • Encourage open discussion about the role of AI in the photography industry
  • Uphold the values of transparency and honesty that our community is built on

Kavyar is committed to embracing innovation in the photography industry while respecting the preferences and experiences of our diverse member base. This policy regarding AI-generated work is in line with that commitment.

This policy is subject to change as the platform evolves and grows.

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