How do I remove my credit from an image?

Kaesy Sanders Updated by Kaesy Sanders

If the image you would like to remove has been posted by a collaborator, you can remove your credit so that the image does not show in your Kavyar profile.

To delete credits:

  1. Click on the photo from which you would like to remove your credit.
  2. Click on the "X" to the right of your credit.
When you remove your credit from an image, it will disappear from your profile and you will no longer be listed as a collaborator. The image itself will still be visible in the profiles of other credited collaborators.

What if there is no "X" next to my credit?

The image has been used in an accepted submission that has been locked by the publisher. Your credit cannot be removed.

If you are the legal copyright holder of the image and you did not agree to its use on the Kavyar website, you can submit a DMCA Takedown Request.

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