My Business Profile Was Not Accepted. What Next?

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Why Wasn’t My Business Profile Accepted?

Unfortunately, our review team cannot provide individual critiques. Common reasons for not being accepted are given below.

Common Issues

  • Missing or incomplete business information
  • Branding or marketing does not fit within our platform
  • Improperly formatted or missing logo
  • Work violates our policy on prohibited content

Review Criteria for Agencies


  • The agency's reputation within the industry.
  • Reviews and feedback from other models and industry professionals.

Type of Agency:

  • The agency's specialization (fashion, commercial, fitness, etc.).


  • The agency's client list.


  • The agency's geographic location


  • The agency's size and scale.

Contracts and Fees:

  • Contract terms, including commission rates and fees.
  • Clarity on exclusivity clauses and any other obligations.

Support and Guidance:

  • Agencies ability to offer support and guidance.
  • Available resources such as workshops and seminars.


  • Agency's professionalism and communication.
  • Agents are responsive, respectful, and transparent.


  • Compatibility with the Kavyar platform.
  • Willing to build a strong working relationship for mutual success.

Review Criteria for Publications

When a new publication applies to join our network, we review the following:

  • Publication's branding and marketing (does it fit within our platform?)
  • Quality level of the graphic design and layout of the publication
  • Quality level of the work published and how consistent that work is
  • Online presence and reach, especially Instagram, Facebook, and website
  • Number of published issues
  • Team's background and experience
  • Publication circulation

How to get your Kavyar business profile accepted

  • Provide honest and complete business information, including accurate contact info
  • Upload a logo and work if possible

What Next?

We encourage you to resubmit your business profile once you feel you have updated it to meet Kavyar's standards.

Can I get a refund for my recent subscription if my business profile was not approved?

If you recently purchased a subscription through the Kavyar website using PayPal or a credit card and would like a refund, please contact us with your request. Refund are subject to limitation based on how long the subscription has been active and whether or not other benefits, such as submission limits and PRO+ discounts, have been utilized.

If you purchased your subscription through Apple using the Kavyar app, please contact apple to request a refund. Subscriptions purchased through Apple are refunded at Apple's discretion.

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