How to Upload a Cover Image to a Business Page

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If you have a Premium or Elite account, you will have the option to display a cover image on your main business page. Cover images are important to help attract the eye of potential contributors and advertisers.

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  1. Click Edit Profile
  2. Click Branding
  1. Click Upload Cover Image
  1. Crop the image to your liking
  2. Click Crop
  1. You can remove the file by clicking Remove Cover Image
  1. The image will appear at the top of the publication page

Best Practices for Cover Images

  • Use a single image rather than a collage
  • Avoid text and graphics
  • Make sure the image matches the desired aesthetic
  • Review the cover image on the get published page to see if it stands out
  • Update your cover image every 30 days to prevent staleness
  • Avoid complex images that interfere with your overlaid logo
  • Avoid using magazine covers in any of your calls or publisher page. They are very messy and covers are already prominently featured on your pages.

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