I didn't create a Kavyar account. Why is there a profile in my name?

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When a Kavyar member uploads an image, our system prompts them to add team credits. If a credit is added for someone who does not already have a Kavyar account, then a new, unclaimed Kavyar profile is automatically generated for that team member.

Claiming your profile

In order to maintain control over past and future credits, we recommend that you claim the profile by clicking the "Claim Profile" button on the account. This will allow you to create an account and set your preferences, including Privacy Options, as well as update any outdated or incorrect information.

What if there is an unclaimed profile in my name but I already have an account?

Login to your existing account then click the "Claim Profile" button to merge the unclaimed profile into your existing account.

What if I don't want to claim my profile?

While we recommend claiming your profile to make sure that all existing and future work credits are correct, you are not required to claim your profile.

Can I delete the unclaimed profile?

In order to remove the profile, you must first claim it. There are verification steps required during the claim process that will prevent someone else from falsely claiming and/or removing your work credits. Once the profile has been claimed, you can then delete your Kavyar account.

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