Business Profile Conversion

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What happens when my legacy business profile is converted to a new business profile?

Congratulations on your new business profile! This means you now have an elevated profile and access to exclusive features on Kavyar as a business.

After converting, you will have two profiles instead of one:

1. Your personal profile

2. Your business profile

See below for more detail.

Personal Profiles:

  • Your login information is tied to this profile
  • Represents a single person and their roles within the creative industry. Examples may be Photographer, Model, Business Owner, Creative Director, etc.
  • Can be used to manage your personal information and any business accounts that you may have

Business Profiles:

  • Can be one of:
  • Are a higher-level account within Kavyar with extra features and benefits
  • Can be managed by one or more people who are affiliated with the business
  • Have exclusive specialties that cannot be used by creative profiles
  • Must be managed by a personal profile
Where Your Data Goes After Converting

When your account is converted to a business account on Kavyar, several changes and actions occur:


Stays on Personal Profile

Goes to Business Profile



Name and username

(New name and username)




Photos that are NOT part of a submission


Photos that ARE part of a submission


✔️ Credits added for business



Transfer of social and contact information

(copied to both)







People you follow

(Businesses cannot follow)


Pro / Elite subscriptions


Business accounts have different plans and features:

Agency / Brand / Publication / General Business



Love counts

(both accounts updated based on photos transferred)



Work comments


Portfolio Website


(✔️ - Indicates the part goes to the respective profile

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