Follow is now Connect

Justin Kramer Updated by Justin Kramer

Why We're Making This Change

To be successful, it's not enough to have followers. You need jobs, collaborations, and other great opportunities.

That's why we're changing Follow to Connect, and boosting the importance of connections throughout Kavyar.

Our mission is to make creatives like you successful, and we believe this is the best way to do that. We have more changes coming soon that will do even more to further our mission.

Things to Note

  • Instead of following, you now send invitations to connect, which other members can choose to accept or ignore
  • Any mutual follows you had before are now connections.
  • If you followed people in the past but they didn't follow you back, those will become connection requests. While a follow and a connection request have different meanings, we felt this was the best way to transition
  • Your collaborators are considered connections automatically
  • You must add photos before you can connect with anyone
  • You can still follow businesses. They cannot follow back and can't be considered connections. However, you CAN connect with individual team members from those businesses

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